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Clues Up

Clues Up is a word association game for 2 players. It’s asynchronous and casual, even a little educational. Find a friend who likes words, take your time, and build up to a perfect game streak.


Players take turns giving clues and making guesses over a series of 10 hands. Precision matters: you’ll need to connect several words together while steering your partner away from others.

Give clues

When it’s your turn to give a clue, you’ll receive a hand of words grouped into correct and wrong words. Your goal is to think up a clue that groups together the correct words, while avoiding any association to the wrong words.

When you’re ready, send your clue to the other player to make a guess.


When it’s your turn to guess, you’ll see the same hand of words that the clue giver saw, but you have to figure out the correct words using the clue they sent you.

Try to figure out which words relate to the clue. When ready, submit your guess to find out whether you got it right or wrong.

The roles will switch and you’ll be the next clue giver.


Clues Up was inspired from many hours playing the board game Codenames. Codenames is a party game with a similiar clue-based gameplay: players give their teams clues and their teammates make guesses.

Often after a round of Codenames, we try to come up with better clues for some of the cards that came up during the game. Clues Up is a manifestation of this version of the game, where you only have 4 words in front of you and have to find the perfect clue.

Hand of the Week

Every week we’ll feature a hand of the week, here and on Twitter.

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