Version 1.2

Clues up 1.2

This update to Clues Up introduces two new features: player stats and favorite players.

Player Stats

Now you can access player stats directly from a game. Just tap on a player’s name to open the player stats sheet.

Here you’ll find all-time stats between you and another player, including best streak across all your games together, combined correct guesses, and a breakdown of who’s a better guesser (or clue-giver).

App screenshot of the new favorites screen

Favorite Players

Favorite players are players you play with often. Favorites give you easy access to player stats and are easily found when starting new games.

Access your favorite players from the profile page. This will list all of your favorites and you’ll be able to add new players by username. Just tap an entry to open your stats with that player.

App screenshot of the new player stats page