November 2020 Release

November 2020 Release

iOS 14 Widgets

This update includes a brand new set of widgets for your iOS 14 homescreen. There’s a variation for each of the 3 standard widget sizes. They each provide quick access to your games and common actions.

Widget available on homescreen

Difficulty Practice

You can now choose the difficulty of your practice games. Difficulty is determined based on how many correct and incorrect words are on the word. Take it easy with 2 yellow words, or dial it way up and try to come up with a clue for a hand of 6 words.

Change the difficulty of your game based on number of yellow and black words

Coming Soon, Hand of the Day

In the near future, you’ll find a new game every day at the top of your feed. We call it the Hand of the Day. We’ll select a hand at random from our community based on how well people do in their other games, and we’ll show it to everyone.

Hand of the Day preview

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